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A long distance move from Louisville or any city can cause quite a lot of stress and strain to any family and being cooped up in a car while the moving company is relocating all of your belongings only makes things that much more difficult.

One of the best things you can do before you ever leave your Louisville home is to pan you trip, map it out and find some fun and interesting places you can visit along the way.

You know that your possessions are safe on the truck of your Louisville movers company, the kids want their video game systems and their stuff and you just want to get there instead of hearing any complaining.

When this is happening what better a way to relieve the tension building in your vehicle than to get outside and in to nature?

There are public and national parks aplenty for you to visit. Paths and journey's into peaceful and serene surroundings that will relax everyone and give enjoyment and everything taken in when you are in nature.

There are many odd but fun stops you can make, as well. Did you know there are attractions like dinosaur parks were you can stop for pictures and lunch, large balls of twine and foil and just about anything else you can think of.

You will be able to see part of the country during your long-distance move that many who fly don't get to see so much anymore and experience small town life and cuisine far outside of Louisville during the drive to your new home.

If these sorts of stopovers are totally doing it for the kids there is always the tried and true visit to amusements parks! Across the country there are many different themed amusement parks that will provide hours, if not days of fun and stress relieving excitement. Roller coasters, Ferris wheels, bumper cars and more await you and your loved ones with popcorn, corn dogs, mouse ears and cotton candy.

Get the kids involved by giving them a choice in one of the places you are thinking of visiting. Of course the rides and action and the fun park will be the first place they want to go but they will learn and enjoy themselves with each stop the more involved they are.

Take a lot of pictures during this trip and if you have a video camera you will be extremely happy to be able to revisit this journey and the fun you and your family have had together.

Yes a move can be a long and difficult task even when a residential movers company is doing the heavy lifting and driving part for you, but by planning and making it exciting for everyone time will go by fast and the move will be over before anyone realized it, and it will have seemed like a lot a fun!

Make sure to have plenty of water and snacks in your vehicle and books with activities to help quell the hours of drive time between stops and enjoy the move to your new home!

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